Mickley, Northumberland, UK
Town Council
Birthplace of THOMAS BEWICK - 18th Century Artist and Engraver
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Prudhoe Town Council

At present Mickley elects two councillors on to Prudhoe Town Council. 

The town council holds meetings once a month (usually the last Wednesday of the month) at 7pm in the 'Meeting Room' at Waterworld.

In addition there are two sub-committees 1) Planning, Policy and Budget 2) Contract and Works.

The meetings are open to the general public and reported in the local press (normally the Hexham Courant). However, non-councillors can only speak at meetings by invitation.

Once a year (usually April) the Annual Town Meeting is held to enable residents to attend and ask questions.

Elections are held once every four years - usually coinciding with the District Council elections.

To contact the Town Council

e-mail prudhoetc@hotmail.com

Tel/Fax : (01661)835487

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